We are a real life, real world CNC machine and Powersports training program.

What is the College Academy Midwest of Cannon Falls Minnesota ?

We are a training program for American Manufacturing, CNC Machining, and Powersports. Our goal is to not just train you in the physical work in shops, but to also train you in everything else that's involved in a money making company. 


Many times out of college students feel a certain level of unpreparedness heading into the real work force. Still needing training in certain areas that college or training programs don't provide. That's because college programs and real jobs are different.


Real world, hands on training is just like training in the real world. Which is a giant leap in skills and techniques. Generally most companies know that a new employee out of school will need some time to get ahold of the real world applications before they are at 100% efficient at their job, resulting in time needed to make 100% amount of possible profit out of an employee. Our goal is to make sure you are already trained in real world applications, bringing you as close as you can be to making that 100% amount of profit for your company you will work at. When you are able to make your company more money, as a result you will make more money. We know how to be successful in a shop and we want you to be successful as well. Instead of coming out of a program and having to write in zero years of experience, you will come out being confident to put two years of experience in your next step.  

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